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One of the most unique, fresh sounding and realistic rappers tipped for the top in the music industry. A fresh sound combining a distinctive vocal style with relaxed rapping. No hold-barred while he rapps in his remarkable and intimate manner. Try Stevens is a London based RnB artist whose whole life and sole sound through into every word of his music.

Try Stevens was born in the capital and largest city of Sierra Leone, Freetown. Born in 1983 Try was still very young when civil war broke out across Sierra Leone in 1991. This conflict was to last 11 years and played a very important part in Try’s life.

Eventually Try Stevens and his brother migrated from the conflict in Sierra Leone to the UK. It was at this time that he discovered and embraced Hip-Hop music. Growing up listening to Nas, Biggie, Jay-Z and 2Pac to name a few Try soon started to craft his own lyrical rhymes.

Studying Music at Northumberland Park Community School in North London gave Try a head start to pursue his career in the music industry. With a thrust for learning everything he could about music and its craft he soon went on to further education at the college of North East London and the University of Staffordshire. Along his way Try made many great contacts in the music industry. With his music education Try now had the street smarts and music knowledge that would prove a strong foundation for the rest of his career.

Producing and writing music in his bedroom studio Try released his very first mix tape entitled ‘Make Up For Lost Time’ A stepping stone for Try Stevens career the release of this mix tape saw Try touring around the world and performing with many different types of artists. It was a pleasure of Try’s to perform with artists such as B2K’s very own Omarion and supporting Wu Tan Clan’s Method Man on his European tour.

In the most recent years Try has followed in the steps of the hip-hop and music greats buy setting up his own music production and record label Epistry. With the record label also comes Try’s very own clothing line Try Wear. Continuing to push for the top Try Stevens is recording his official album Dying 2 Live – due for release in July 2012.

Try Stevens and his brother have come a long way since they first moved to London. It is their passion for life and music that has given them success and well as the strong will power to never give up. Try Stevens younger brother. Mustapha Dumbuya, is a professional football player and plays for Doncaster Rovers Football Club as a right back. As Try himself would say ‘You Never Know Until You Try

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  1. Keep doing your thing try love your stuff. The first track you performed in club coco bongo was in my head all night. Word xxxxx

  2. In deed Try,dat why u ar my main man in the this and i’m gonna keep trying till I get there one day

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