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11 comments on “downloads

  1. keep doing you bro, from the beginning, i knew you are a great rapper. quality and professionalism is your trade mark. I wish you could have approach big labels boy, you are bigger than most of em uk rappers on tele man for real.

  2. What can I say bro. All the songs r off the hock. It’s hard to judge which one is the finest. I got ur back always………….. ALL I DO IS TRY

  3. Boy, just one more day, i am in Freetown in God’s name. I wanted to purchase your cd on itune but nigga need a credit card boy, Belgium is not ready to make one available to me right now, so amma check in freetown stores to get a copy

  4. i did download 3 track 2 days ago but i wanted to buy it as a contribution for you hard work, you know me nigga money aaint the thing, i want to support real niggaz, that do real thing, lol

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