Twitter Reports 2013’s Most Mentioned Rappers

Twitter Reports 2013's Most Mentioned Rappers

Drake, Eminem and Lil Wayne top Twitter’s 2013 list.

Twitter has named its most talked-about rappers of 2013, according to

Drake, who released Nothing Was The Same in 2013, was this year’s most talked about emcee, according to a Twitter spokesperson. The Toronto rapper was mentioned in approximately 52,202,000 tweets this year. His most recent album, Nothing Was The Same, was mentioned about 2,942,000 times. Drake was also the subject of many trending topics this year, including #DrakeTwitterPassword and #DrakeTaughtMe.

Eminem was the second most-discussed emcee on the social networking site. Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2 likely had a hand in the Shady Records boss’ popularity. #RapGod was deemed the #1 Hip Hop trend and he was mentioned in more than 21,271,900 Twitter updates. Eminem also likely generated mentions when he took over YouTube’s Twitter account to answer questions about his life and his most recent release.

Lil Wayne rounds out the list’s Top 3 most-discussed emcees on Twitter. Audiences discussed Lil Wayne in regards to his music and his health. Beyond discussions about his I Am Not A Human Being II release, fans also posted messages about Lil Wayne’s hospitalization in March of this year. As a result, Wayne was the subject of several trending topics, including #PrayForLilWayne.

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