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Ludacris Blames Child Support Woes on Paul Walker’s Death


Ludacris Blames Child Support Woes on Paul Walker’s Death
Rapper says his bank account has dwindled since Fast & Furious co-star passed away.

By Latifah Muhammad
Posted: 02/20/2014 03:26 PM EST
Filed Under Child Support, Ludacris, Music News

Paul Walker’s death has a lot to do with why Ludacris can’t afford to pay child support for his infant daughter.

According to TMZ, Luda appeared in court Wednesday (Feb. 19) alongside Tameka Fuller — the mother of his 2-month-old baby girl — to lay out his financial troubles. Luda wants to pay $1,800 a month for the baby and argued that he can’t cover Fuller’s $15,000 monthly demands because (similar to co-star Tyrese Gibson) he was banking on a paycheck from the Fast & Furious 7, which is now in limbo due to Walker’s passing. The 40-year-old actor lost his life in a car crash the day after Thanksgiving 2013.

The judge temporarily sided with Luda, agreeing to cut the child support payments down to $7,000 a month until his financial records have been reviewed.

The Chicago-born rapper is worth more than $50 million and attests to making only $55,000 in 2013. His recent money issues haven’t entirely stifled his purchasing, however. In January it was reported that Luda purchased a $4.8 million mansion in Southern California’s Hollywood Hills, sold his West Hollywood penthouse condo for $879,000, and is in the processing of selling a second $879,000 unit located in the same building.

Two years before the real estate shuffle, Luda allegedly dropped $150,000 on a new Porsche for longtime girlfriend Eudoxie Agnan.




Music recording artist, business mogul and philanthropist Akon has entered a partnership to bring electricity to one million households in Africa!
Akon has formed a strong international business alliance by partnering with companies such as The Give1 Project and Solektra International, member of Africa Development Solutions Group.
The initiative aims to tackle the shocking statistic that more than two-thirds of the population of sub-Saharan Africa lacks electricity, and that more than 85 percent of those living in rural areas do not have access.
The goal is to bring electricity to one million African households by the end of 2014.

Hats of to Akon for making such a commendable commitment and lets hope it inspires others to initiate action across the continent!


Twitter Reports 2013’s Most Mentioned Rappers

Twitter Reports 2013's Most Mentioned Rappers

Drake, Eminem and Lil Wayne top Twitter’s 2013 list.

Twitter has named its most talked-about rappers of 2013, according to

Drake, who released Nothing Was The Same in 2013, was this year’s most talked about emcee, according to a Twitter spokesperson. The Toronto rapper was mentioned in approximately 52,202,000 tweets this year. His most recent album, Nothing Was The Same, was mentioned about 2,942,000 times. Drake was also the subject of many trending topics this year, including #DrakeTwitterPassword and #DrakeTaughtMe.

Eminem was the second most-discussed emcee on the social networking site. Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2 likely had a hand in the Shady Records boss’ popularity. #RapGod was deemed the #1 Hip Hop trend and he was mentioned in more than 21,271,900 Twitter updates. Eminem also likely generated mentions when he took over YouTube’s Twitter account to answer questions about his life and his most recent release.

Lil Wayne rounds out the list’s Top 3 most-discussed emcees on Twitter. Audiences discussed Lil Wayne in regards to his music and his health. Beyond discussions about his I Am Not A Human Being II release, fans also posted messages about Lil Wayne’s hospitalization in March of this year. As a result, Wayne was the subject of several trending topics, including #PrayForLilWayne.

Jay z and Rick ross The Devil Is a Lie


Wealth, jewelry, drugs, and more take center stage on Rick Ross and Jay Z’s latest collaboration, “The Devil Is a Lie.”

The Bawse released the new track from his forthcoming Mastermind album Thursday afternoon (Dec. 19), featuring over five minutes of predictably braggadocious verses and an obligatory “double cup” nod to “sizzurp” (aka codeine).

“F—-d the game raw when I came in it, gettin’ money ever since I came in it/You couldn’t stop me if you tried, motherf—a, ’cause the Devil is a lie,” Ross spits. “Big guns, big whips, rich n—a talking big s–t. Double cup gold wrist. Double up on that blow, b—h.”

Hov uses his turn at the mic to address rumors that he’s somehow affiliated with the Illuminati, declaring that the long-running fake story is basically the devil at work. “Oh it can’t be a n—a if a n—a rich/Oh it gotta be the devil, that’s some n—a s–t,” he raps, dedicating the rest of his guest spot to more gloating, name-dropping luxury brands, and quips like, “getting white money, but I’m still black.”

“The Devil Is a Lie,” is the second collaboration between the two this year, following Jay’s “F–kWithMeYouKnowIGotIt” off Magna Carta Holy Grail.

Rozay’s Mastermind will drop sometime next year.

Check out the track below: